Thursday, September 11, 2014

Learning Together

In Room 3 we learn  and work together, researching as a team.

Elizabeth's Hook-Billed Kite bird!

Using the iPad together to find cool facts.

Having fun drawing.

Using books and ipads to help us draw.

Researching Ocean Animals

Some of us in Room 3 decided to research sea creatures and find out where they come from and live as part of our Tagata o le Moana term 3 inquiry topic.

We made collages to go with the pictures and information.

Fish and Marine Mammals

As part of our inquiry topic, Tagata o le Moana, Room 3 has been learning about the differences between fish and marine mammals. We made posters with pictures and facts about the differences between them.

Check out all the facts we researched!

Tagata o le Moana

Our term 3 inquiry topic is Tagata o le Moana, People of the Sea.

We made a colorful labeled wall chart of some of the creatures we know that live in the ocean!

Te Ika Maui

The legend of Maui and the giant fish tells the story of Maui catching a huge fish which became the North Island. His waka became the South Island. 

Here is our illustration of the story

Pukeko Morning

We have been reading Pukeko Morning by Jow Cowley.

We are learning to predict what happens after the story.
Here are our predictions.