Monday, June 27, 2016

Cybersmart.... leaving good footprints

Room 3 are starting to use the internet to look for different things. Mrs Manuyag came in to talk to us about how to start being Cybersmart leaving good footprints!! We made a movie about our lesson!

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ANZAC Parade

This week Room 3 have been learning and writing about an ANZAC Parade. We watched videos and listened to stories. Room 3 made a plan for they writing by using key words and used their plan to write their story. Also, for the first time, to publish their work they 'TYPED' their stories up on their iPads... take a look!

By Jairus

By Savannah

 By Ana
  By Ngere
 By Fereti

Kiwis - Wind Turbine

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This week the Kiwis reading group have been learning about Wind Power. They used the information they read to draw and a label a wind turbine. They also used the information to answer questions about how they work.

Joshua and Abigail

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This week the Fantails have learnt to read the words come and has.
Here is the work they did after they learnt to read the words.

Pukekos - Sun Bears

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The Pukekos

This week the Pukekos have been reading a book called Sun Bears. They were learning to find information in their books to answer questions. Today they made a fact sheet about Sun Bears from the information they found out.

Take a look ....

Explanation Text

Room 3 have been learning the features of an Explanation text. We have used this burger model to help us understand what parts are included when writing an explanation text.


We put our own burgers together in the right order and matched parts of an Explanation Text about the life cycle of a frog.

This week we learnt how to write and introduction for an Explanation Text using topic words. Once we had done that we read each other work and highlighted the topic words our friends had used. We gave them feedback on what we liked about their work.



We are learning to predict what will happen next...

We used the word predict to guess how he would find his jandle. We thought of many different ideas... here are some of them!!

 By Savannah
 By Gus
 By Mia
 By Mele

By Jairus

Seu's School Value Badge

Congratulations to Room 3's Seu for her Tukumarie/Tolerance School Value Badge.

Sue consistently demonstrates Tukumarie while helping other students through her school day. You really deserve this badge Seu!

Monkey Puzzle By Ocean

Ocean ...  Read a book ... liked it... created his own storyboard, his own script , made his own book on Explain Everything, turned it into a movie and on the BLOG it goes!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Haere Atu!

Today we read the book Haere Atu as a whole class. We were focusing on finding out what Māori words meant by using the book to find clues. Ana Fehoko worked really hard to make sure she had the right definition for each word and could use it appropriately in a sentence. Great work Ana Fe! Check out her learning below!

Jolly Roger and the Coconuts - narrated by Mariah

Today the Spidermans reading group read Jolly Roger and the Coconuts. We were focusing on finding speech and making sure we read like we would talk in real life. Mariah did an awesome job of making sure speech in the text sounded like talking, with some help for her buddy Savannah. Way to go guys!