Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Room 3 Story Writing

If I took a trip on a hot air balloon I would go to Brooklyn and my mum will come too. After we got off the hot air balloon we went to wwe.

By Timote

If I took a trip on a hot air balloon. I would take Alyssa and Hiria. We will go to the beach and eat KFC with our mums and dads.

By Elizabeth

If I took a trip on a canoe, I would take Syraiah-Lee, Hiria, Kika, Elizabeth, Hope L, Hope T and Ocean. We will go to the sea because we are going inside a tunnel.

By Alyssa

If I took a trip to the penguins I will look at them because they will be nice. I will say "you come with me back home!"

By Hope T

If I took a trip on a hot air balloon, I would go to Australia because it is cool over there. I like it over there. I will go with Kika, Alyssa, Hiria, Elizabeth and Hope T. In Australia I went to the park. I went to Australia on Monday and played hide and seek with them.

By Hope L

If I took a trip on a canoe, I would go to Australia with my mum and dad and little brother Anthony.

By Terell

If I took a trip on an aeroplane I would go to see my cousin. Her name is Ally. Then I will go back home.

By Hun'e

My favourite sea bird is the little blue penguin because it swims fast and they can't fly. The mums go to eat little fish and the dads look after the eggs. Mums lay their eggs but when mum sleeps, the baby penguins hatch out of the egg.

By Hope L

If I took a motorbike, I will ride it to Australia with my mum and my dad. I would go there because I want to see my sister and my brother and my uncle.

My Isaia

I think a marine reptile is cool because a turtle can be a good swimmer in the sea. They lay eggs too, in the sand. The little babies follow the sun to the sea. The mum turtle goes back to the sea.

By Syraiah-Lee

If I took a trip on a hot air balloon I would take it to Auckland. I would take Auckland.

By Lopiseni

An octopus is an invertebrate because it has no back bones. They have three hearts. They are related to a snail and it has eight arms. It has blue blood and it's arms have suction cups. An octopus has an exoskeleton and it shoots ink.

By Hiria

If I took a trip on a hot air balloon I would go to the islands to see some ships and look for treasure. I would go back to New Zealand when I dropped the bag of treasure. I lost it and I saw Hope L with treasure, she stole it.

By Hiria

If I took a trip on a hot air balloon I would go to Samoa because there are many turtles at Samoa. Me and my mum looked at the turtles on Wednesday and we got coconuts.

By Stanley

If I took a trip on a houseboat I would take Amon, Viliami, Ryan and Isaia. Then we went to a secret island so we can find treasure so we can be rich. Then we will go to America to buy tickets to wrestling. On Monday we will paint the houseboat white.

By Auckland

If I went on a jet plane with Timote I would shoot him. Next, I will throw him out and go to America all by myself. Next, I got there fast, in like one hour.

By Amon

A crocodile is a dangerous animal because it has the world's strongest bite. The crocodile is 8 meters long and sometimes it lays eggs. A crocodile is scary and sometimes the crocodile is brown. Crocodiles can live without eating for a year. Saltwater crocodiles live in saltwater and can live to 70-100 years old. A crocodile kills people.

By Auckland

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