Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mia goes to the Divali Celebrations!!

Mia goes to the Divali Celebrations!

I went to Divali with my mum  and brother in the city. I saw people dancing and dresses. A lady put hena on my hand to make a patten. 


Unknown said...

Great work Mia! Keep up the great blog writing :)

Daimai said...

I like how you have explained what you did there and who you went with. Another thing I like was how you showed us what you saw and I also liked how you told us what the pattern was called. The last thing I liked was the photos you posted so we knew what the pattern looked like.
Hope You Enjoyed The Day!

Avalon said...

Greeting Mia
My name is Avalon and l am from panmure bridge school
l like how you went with your family to Divali with your mum and brother in the city and the patten was great to see on your hand it looked cool and l think it looked nice on you l like this blog post because it showed that you went to the Divali with your mum and brother.
Great job